Two Types Of Crazy!!!!!

#1 The Good Humorous Crazy!!! Well I’ll describe it as….Me! Jk but frfr…. AS I WAS SAYING!!!! The Good crazy is when you have freak out moments!!! Let me describe freakout moments! Freak Out Moments are when like you entertain your friends and  keep going and  going and going and going then BOOM!!! THEN YOU JUST GO seizure CRAY!!! The good seizure way!!! #2 The BAD MMMMM….. Crazy!!! Well I’ll also describe it as me sometimes btw I’m not a bad horrible person until you go on the other side of the road!!! LET’S STAY ON TOPIC!!!! Well when you POP OFF!!! Pop off means going uncontrollably “off” on someone that you can’t stand at a moment!! Pop off actually means BAD MMMMM….. CRAZY!!! As well. So there you have it! Two main types of crazy !!! TTYL !!PEACE !!!TATA !!!!OKAY BYE!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED !!!


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